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Important Note

Long time, eh?
If you don't remember me, I'm Chrissi.

I've basically just logged on to leave you all a message. Recently I have been getting a lot of messages in my guestbook which all say the same thing:
"Update the blog, The freebies don't work anymore."
"Delete the blog coz the cheats don't work."

My answer to this is the following:
1. I am nearly 18 and BARELY go on Stardoll. I have more important things to do such as prepare for getting into university. I am too old for Stardoll and quite frankly, it is too childish for me. Yes, I spent a great deal of my childhood obsessed with it but I don't like it anymore.
2. The freebies/cheats stop working whenever Stardoll decide them to. I don't create them and nor is it my fault if they don't work. There are plenty of other blogs you can visit if you want up-to-date freebies - just google it.
3. I am not the owner of this blog and nor am I in the position to delete this site either. Thatgirlsophie is the owner and her Stardoll account has been long since deleted. She has not posted on Stardoll or on here for years. Besides, if I did have the option to delete this blog, I wouldn't because it isn't mine.

So, thank you for reading this, and hopefully for understanding. Please, do not pester me any longer, I simply won't reply.
Enjoy yourselves and thank you to any writer who decides to continue with this blog.

This is Chrissi, signing out - for good.

Free Red Shoes!

If you live in UK - Log in and Go HERE

If you don't live in UK, Follow these steps:
1)Go to UK proxy like OR OR
2)Paste stardoll link in proxy's blank box
3)Click Go OR just Hit Enter
4)Log into stardoll
5)Paste this link in proxy bar
You will be redirected to Piccing page
6)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
The shoes will be in a Piccing bag in your suite!




AspiringModels is an incredible, exhilarating modeling competition on Stardoll. 
It's run by Poohg_1993 and it follows the format of America's Next Top Model. 
There are plenty of cycles, tasks, and of course GREAT prizes!

There is also a raffle on-going in which you can win a $25 prepaid card!!

I was lucky enough to compete in Cycle 1, and although I did not win, I had a brilliant time!
I thoroughly encourage to to join the club today! 

You can join the club: HERE
Visit Poohg_1993: HERE
Or visit the blog: HERE

Free RIO bag

If you're from the USA click HERE and create a wishlist. 
If you're not from the USA, you need to use a web proxy: OR school-unblock.comOR 
Paste this link into the proxy's URL box:
Hit Enter on your keyboard and log into Stardoll
Paste this link in the proxy's URL box:
Hit Enter and wait until the page loads.
8. Pick one or more items and click the "Create My Wishlist" button
Fill out the table with fake information. The e-mail must look how a real e-mail looks (it doesn't need to be a real one, it has to have an @ and a .com)
Click the "Create My Wishlist" button.
Wait till page loads and you can leave the proxy and go to normal Stardoll.
The bag should be in a a Starplaza box in your suite.

What do you think?

Free JSP shoes

Ιf you are from USA, click HERE and fill out the table as shown further down.
If you are not for the USA, you'll have a web proxy: or or
Paste this into the URL bar:
Hit 'Enter' and log in to your account. 
Paste into the URL bar:

Select one or more items from the list and click 'Create My Wishlist'.
Once the page has loaded, fill in the boxes with fake information, but you have to enter a valid but fake e-mail which has the proper e-mail format (It must have an @ and a .com). When you are done, click 'Create My Wishlist' and wait till the page loads. 
The shoes should be in your suite.

What do you think?

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