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Important Note

Long time, eh?
If you don't remember me, I'm Chrissi.

I've basically just logged on to leave you all a message. Recently I have been getting a lot of messages in my guestbook which all say the same thing:
"Update the blog, The freebies don't work anymore."
"Delete the blog coz the cheats don't work."

My answer to this is the following:
1. I am nearly 18 and BARELY go on Stardoll. I have more important things to do such as prepare for getting into university. I am too old for Stardoll and quite frankly, it is too childish for me. Yes, I spent a great deal of my childhood obsessed with it but I don't like it anymore.
2. The freebies/cheats stop working whenever Stardoll decide them to. I don't create them and nor is it my fault if they don't work. There are plenty of other blogs you can visit if you want up-to-date freebies - just google it.
3. I am not the owner of this blog and nor am I in the position to delete this site either. Thatgirlsophie is the owner and her Stardoll account has been long since deleted. She has not posted on Stardoll or on here for years. Besides, if I did have the option to delete this blog, I wouldn't because it isn't mine.

So, thank you for reading this, and hopefully for understanding. Please, do not pester me any longer, I simply won't reply.
Enjoy yourselves and thank you to any writer who decides to continue with this blog.

This is Chrissi, signing out - for good.


Kimbery Dean (xxlovexx) said...

Definitely. Although the freebies/cheats don't work I love reading through some old posts on this blog etc! It's always nice to look back on. Just leave it as it is, for archiving. :)

Anonymous said...

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