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Whats HOT? Not That!

OMG! I noticed this on "vote for your favorite," a plain T-shirt!!? I mean who really decides whats hot on these designs? I doubt if its the stardoll admin. My first guess was maybe its when a person prints alot of the same designs, but then who would want a bunch of white t's? Then i thought, well maybe its when people buy alot of the same designs from one person...but i ended up going back to my first conclusion on that one. Stardoll should really have some kind of approved system on these things, because lately I've been seeing alot of the same stuff and some of the designs look like theyve been made by people on crack. No offense to the white T, but I guess a plain white shirt could never go out of style right? All i could say is "Yup in my WHITE T!"



Anonymous said...

You are right! İf anyone makes a lot of shirt is same, it comes on top.
But it is a mistake sure. I will write to stardoll. Most selling designs must be top. =) See you.


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