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NEW in STARDESIGN: More tops to choose from!

OMG!!! This is one of the best things has done this month! New designer Items!!!!!
Now us designers have more items to choose from to sell to our lovely fellow consumers. Plus, the best part is that the items are only 1 stardollar! Isnt that insane? Like omg im like a child in a candy store right now. which top do you think is the best?



Silverbear said...

OMG are you gonna make cheap repo prints for all,cause the only thing putting me off nuying yurs is the price!

Anonymous said...

hi i like ur designs so much i hope u cn make new clothes using the new templates.
and please make it cheap

ThatGirlSophy said...

actually i lowered my prices on the tees, Im selling them all before i bring out my new designs ;)

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