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Real 2 Stardesign: TopShop T-Shirts

Lots of people love cute penguins on stardoll, so i made This Penguin tee from TopShop that i thought was really adorable.



Pepsi_Dolly said...

Wow, It's So Cute, Are U Goin 2 Put It For Sale, Please Do!!!!!.xox

ThatGirlSophy said...

of course! i always put items i design for sale ;)

Pepsi_Dolly said...

I'v Just Bought It, Your Tops Are Great.xox

vikkiiee said...

wow. your stardesign version, in my opinion, is cuter than the original. great work :)

ThatGirlSophy said...

haha thanks!

otterbug103 said...

i have this shirt in real life . :)
if i was still superstar , i would DEFFINATLY buy it . :D

Anonymous said...

hey i just found out about this shirt and i really want it for my senior pictures but i can't figure out how to order it. Can you email me at on how to order it? Please!


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