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Bazaar Issue: Blackmambayeah

Blackmambayeah has been a member of stardoll since 2007. Ever since she joined stardoll she loved to design. Not intentionally, her designs became very popular and started flying off the racks from her suite. Shes loves that she made so many friends from around the world.

I love her design work so much because it is so different. She creates the greatest patterns of ANYTHING and it comes out looking so great. This girl can make burgers look good on a dress, now thats a great designer! She currently is now writing for the Spanish Stardoll Magazine.

Blackmambayeah says: "My name is Magali, Maggie, Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Im studying design in the University and Im working like jewelry designer for shops, I love fashion and rock.
My real language is spanish, my english is very bad, but i try to do the best! :s
Now im writing the Spanish Blog in the Stardoll Magazine, to read it u have to put Stardoll in spanish mode (spain flag), and find my blog in february archives. Is in spanish! :)"

Some of my inspirations are
-Rock and Roll (Punk, Pop, Beat, a gogo, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Blondie, Ramones, Kiss, & more)
-Artists (Cobra Snake, Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Litchenstein, Comics & more)
-Films (Tarantino, Bollywood, Vincent Gallo, & more)
-Models like Agness Deyn, Kate Moss, Cory Kennedy
-My cats, icecream, chocolate cakes, mmm!
& more more more!

I love funny people, with a relaxed style, I design for the happy young people, my style is urban funny fresh, for everybody who wish be free and loves the life colors.



Peace.Love.Tanya said...

Luv u Maggie

Lettie97 said...

Um.. please can you put a link to the mag? I'm really interested in reading it :]

Stardolls Top Designers said...

i added a link.

Lettie97 said...

I can't find the link?
Could you post one in the comments?

Stardolls Top Designers said...

Anonymous said...

The link to Bazaar?


Thanks! is an honor be covergirl in Bazaar Magazine! Thanks sophy!and thanks for the nice comments!

maggie blackmambayeah

and sorry for my ugly english!!!! ( I need lessons! )

Anonymous said...

well this blog is very intresting but i like more other blog this is cool congratulations

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