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FAB FEET: Christian Dior

Now thats a HOT shoe! Designed by Me in Photoshop. Christian Dior introduced these Suede Goddess Heels in his Spring 09 Collection. Im a sucker for accessories especially Bags and Shoes so im adding a new section to my blog, stardoll style of course, featuring awesome shoes and bags.

ATTENTION READERS: If you find a fabulous shoe or bag that you think should be featured here send me a pic link (like and (or) designer to my stardoll guestbook or comment here. Would prefer 09 or 08 collections. If i choose yours, it will be published with your name on it.
Oh and it must be FAB!LOL


HautteX0 said...

Ive got sme crazy shoes in my documents so i put them on the next
The link is :

breathless.magazine said...

WOW that's incredible you are very good at photo shop !

Anonymous said...

you should put the new Versace 2010 RTW shoes on (u can find them on if u look under details) they're amazing

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