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Inspired By Christain Lacroix

OK gals, this is like my first attempt to try to design a REAL dress for stardoll. I know it looks kind of retarded or lame or whatever, but i love to design and draw even though im not that good at it. I just got so inspired by all these artist creating such beautiful dresses, so i had to make at least one...LOL. I think this will be my only one....its very very difficult to make a dress from nothing. I give LOTS of kudos to the people who can design these dresses like making cereal, seriously.



Lettie97 said...

It's no bad, it's good =]

Gretchen&co said...

I think that the skirt part should be more pink.
You´ve done an amazing job!//Gretchen(ModEllen95)

stylistalatin91 said...

Woah Sohpy so loving this one OMG keep going and dont stop before you no it u will be SUPERB and sooo freakin to die for keep practicing and OMG 4 it being ur 1st U so got it going Fabulous..Muahzzz so luv ya and Good Job ♥♥

John said...

What program do you use???

Gimp, Paint, Photoshop????

What filters do you use?

Anonymous said...

i think its amazing!!!


Tamara said...

Wow! It`s really good!

Honeyddesigns said...

It's beautiful! Great job! You should make more! I wouldn't have a clue how to do that!

Olina(xloi13) said...

It's really great!
I wish stardoll staff had at least the 1/3 of members' talent on designing(& ideas of what to design!)!

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