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More Limited Edition - Stardesign Style!

Hey yall! i know some of you are anti -LE (Limited Edition), so i made some of them in stardesign. Like the first collection some of the patterns are easy to make in stardesign, which doesnt make the items unique at all. The only thing that makes it unique is the shape of the clothes. I was actually going to buy an LE outfit this time, but the top i liked the most was sold out right away(the black one) and i just couldnt bring myself to purchase the other items. I dont know...i just think Limited Edition is overrated and I mean am i wrong for thinking that?


Anonymous said...

Cool !
I love this !

Stardoll - nick - Justa-xD

gwennabe_me said...

amazing designs! I just love them!
btw, I have mentioned you in my blog, stardoll fashion ( hope its allright :-)

Stardolls Top Designers said...

awesome blog you got there gwennabe_me thanks for featuring me!

Peace.Love.Tanya said...

Awsome!! I got some XD

Anonymous said...

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Vote-me NCG 5/5

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