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Sneek Peek: A new Doll - Cute Dog

Hey yall, heres a sneek peek (spoiler) of a new doll coming out. Its a cuter dog! Correct me if im wrong, but is there a movie coming out with a space dog or something because i notice theres a space outfit?


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Titie_13 said...

awww how cute is he!! <3

Anonymous said...

Its the one movie that always has those dogs on adventures it will be space adventures or something like that and sure too be a contest togo along like the chloe dog


ForeverSecret said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pepsi_Dolly said...

Ya, There Is A Movie Comin Out Called Space Buddies, It's About 5 Dogs That Go 2 Space, The One Thats A Doll Is XCalled Rosebud, The Other Movvies Are Air Buddies And Snow Buddies, My Lil Nephew Has It.

Daisypops said...

i love you blog!!
can u please have a look at mine..
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