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Sneek Peek: Styled Outfits Bossa Nova

New styled Outfit coming soon to stardoll called Bossa Nova. Nice Clothes!


Theolla said...

Bossa Nova...brazilian music...My Brazil!

in.teknicolorr said...

Hey thatgirlsophy

Strange stardoll glitch I want to point out.

On the display, the yellow and blue dress is called "inspired by marc jacobs dress" and costs 10 sd. Also the short yellow and green dress is called "inspired by cavalli" and costs 7 sd.

But in folk, the same clothes cost 1 sd less and they have different names! The blue and yellow dress is called "two tone draped dress" and the short yellow and green dress is called "brazil dress"


ThatGirlSophy said...

i checked it out and they both have inspired by names, but i bought them already and it says "you own it." is it different if you dont own them?

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