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thatgirlsophyHey yall, not sure if you noticed, but i havent posted on this blog for a while or logged into my stardoll account until today. Actually Im currently visiting in my hometown Chicago and been every busy doing some amazing things out here. Im at the library right now checking email and such because im a technology so i thought i should post here as well and not leave you gals in the mist. I should be back to regular, daily, posting and designing in a couple weeks. Have fun yall cuz i am :)

Anitdote SHOP Review: I noticed the Antidote shop came out. I have to admit the prices arent as bad as LE, but i still dont think some of the items were worth it. Its funny i totally missed the released date, but ended up buying the shirt i actually liked and wanted today. I worked out


Anonymous said...

you're visiting chi-town? awesome! i lived in chi-town since i was born and i'm still living in chi-town =D well i hope you enjoy your trip to chi-town!

Stardoll-Fashion-News said...

hey !! your blogs is awesome !
i'm always see if you write another post .... but you don't ...!
can you visit mine ?

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