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POP ART: Lady Gaga

Im so in Love with Lady Gaga...well her music and style..LOL. Shes so out there and doesnt care what anyone says, She just herself and truely expresses it no matter what. Im sure youve noticed i dressed my medoll like her a few times. Plus, her birthday is this month!!! Like ME!

Speaking of my bday...yall know what i want...of course u be covergirl! My b-day is March 14th, so on March 13th please vote vote vote on my suite. I will post reminders as the day gets closer ;)


Anonymous said...

omg, you're polish translator is horrible ;D

Stardolls Top Designers said...

LOL...well google makes it not me, i added it so maybe more readers will feel more comfortable reading it, but i guess not...LOL. Does it help at all?

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