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Sneek Peek: New Shop Antidote

Is Antidote a new shop coming soon? or just another theme? If you check out the tag it has the same bar as the LE Collection, which is kinda weird. Plus if you check out the spoiler theres minishop items there too. Is this like a minishop Limited Edition?...LOL or is stardoll trying to make a knock off LE to make some more money?


mayeeshasam said...

May I ask where can I look for spoilers? I don't know about it can you please tell me?!?!

Mail me at:


P.S. Please mail me and tell me the spoiler. Please I really wanna know.

Anonymous said...

i love it !!! i hope that its not so expensive as LE...but i also hope it is LE...anyways...i really wanna now when it comes out....



(i now...awfull name....)

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