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FAB BAG: Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse

Has anyone heard about the Louis Vuitton Bags on Chinese Stardoll? Im sure you have read about it on a blog somewhere, but anyway some suspect the Louis Vuitton Bags will be coming to the english stardoll. Maybe i should say...some HOPE the LV bags will come to stardoll. Anywho, I decided to feature this LV bag tribute to Stephen Sprouse, whos big on graffiti print fashion collections. This would be an awesome bag to bring to the starplaza...dont u think?


丽英 said...

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Wenqi said...

<3 so cute!

lauren said...

hi!!! u are AMAZING at photoshop!!! u should make dresses like that mario person and olivias graphics. they would be soooo coool to look at!!!!!

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