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Sneek Peek: Stardoll Birthday Party

Stardoll is having a party and were invited!!! Its for there 3rd anniversary. Im really not sure what day it is, but on that day well be able to earn stardollars by playing games and have access to this "special collection" of clothing! Sounds pretty good to me...LOL. I cant wait!


Wenqi said...

can wait either! donno what to expect!

Anonymous said...

does this happen during the time of the same day when stardoll's anniversary day or some other day? cuz i was playing a game but it i didn't get any stardollars.... reply please... thanks

Stardolls Top Designers said...

well its today and i dont know how long there going to keep up the clothes and stuff, but u can win something everyday, like 2day is the scenery contest.

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