Dollz Who Luv Us

OMG WTF Stardoll!

Well stardoll has erased most of my designs again, i guess there whole server thing didnt improve anything after all. Yay for stardoll screw ups!or not! Well as you know my club presentation shows whats available, Randomly chosen by stardoll...LOL. My stuff is officially limited, not my choice. You get whats in my showrooms and whatever stardoll doesnt erase.

Who knows what stardoll will screwup next!?


YvonneB4 said...

They did the same thing to me! Although my designs aren't that good . . . they still deleted them!

Anonymous said...

......<> ---><--- plz can i post and work for stardoll top designers? i told all the gals in my class to come on std and said it was good! 1 of them is on stardoll:muffinbeachball

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