Dollz Who Luv Us

Sneek Peek: Hannah Beth and Mohamed Bach

UPDATE: Girl is Hannah Beth, The boy Mohamed Bach available on stardoll now.

There are two new dolls coming soon! It looks like the girl doll has some clothes weve seen before. Can anyone identify them?


gee_way_is_mine said...

The girl doll looks like HannaBeth, but I have no idea who the guy is.

Kiksa13 said...

The first doll is Hanna Beth. But I don't know who is the second doll.

Tainted.Love_xx said...

The girl is Hanna Beth (she's an internet celebrity) but I'm not sure who the guy is.

Hankee said...

Oh Yes!

that's Hanna Beth! :D

She's very pretty =]

Stardolls Top Designers said...

thanks yall!

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