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Remember when all those clothes were screwed up in stardesign and just the bathing suit was printing? Well it kinda revealed hidden items that might be coming out soon. If you look at the template its shows other pants and stuff but im not sure you cant quite make it out. The orange items were on the spoiler today and look very plain to be items coming out in starplaza. Plus, they have this whole promotion contest for the new Nintendo DS game Fashion Week Designer. SO whats your take on take it? any others opinions?


ADJAJA said...

The bathing suit won't show up in my star bazaar. All that shows up is white in the box.

Anonymous said...

i had bought the bathingsuite in said that it costs 6 stardollars but when i got to my suite (i had 4 stardollars and 5 from the game's so that makes 9)i had 5 stardollars... so it actually costs for me 4 stardollars..

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