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Beware of SCAMMER Sites

Just been informed there is another scammer site ending in ".tp"
I was informed that the scammer sites have made changes to look more and more like stardoll, but these sites still end in ".tk" Please DO NOT log into any of these sites, you WILL get Hacked. I also notice that they dont have the little star icon by the address bar like the real stardoll does. Please check all points i wrote under "things to look for" for if even ONE of them is different, do not log into the site.

Madmacmom had send me a message about this site, warning me that other sites may look like stardoll and can STEAL YOUR PASSWORD. Now i see more of them on Club Free Stuff and The Stardoll Insiders. PLease DO NOT log into these sites i posted this image to show some pointers on how to spot a fake site. Some stardoll users are even sending people to these sites with free dress offers and such.

I dont want this to compromise my blog. Everything i post on this blog i test it out first to make sure it works before i even think about posting it.

I notice alot of these fake sites end in "tk" dont not believe any site ending in "tk"!

Things to look for:
-Check the top info bar make sure it says "Stardoll - Fame, fashion and friends."
-Check the address bar make sure the address is for the real stardoll site.
-Make sure it has the little star icon on the address bar.
-Check to see if there are Piczo Menus or other types of menus, if yes, its fake.
-Make sure there are no ads on top, the original stardoll site has NO ads on the homepage.
-Check the log in section, if it says "send" its fake. Also, it may look bigger,crooked, or weird.
-Most fake stardoll sites are off centered to the left or right side. The original stardoll site is professionally made so it will be in the center of your screen.
-NEVER EVER go to a site ending in ".tk"

I hope these things help. All i can say is bookmark the real page and if you ever run into something sketchy or fake just close the browser and reopen it again using the stardoll link in your bookmarks.


♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

Oh thanks Stardoll Top Designers,

It's a good thing that you guys found out! :) I need a bit of help so can you contact me in my address as I don't know yours! My ID is

I'll be waiting for you reply. And I'm finishing my comment with love and respect to all you please! :)

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

Anonymous said...

Yes,one girl stole me ma account by this page :(
Be careful!


thatgirlsophy said...

@мαγεεѕнα i prefer you contact me on stardoll ill be waiting for your message ;)

Anonymous said...

Thx for the info. another blog once told me to long onto that website to get free stuff. i tried to log in and it didnt load. at that point i gave up. i thought about trying it again, but now i no not too. Thanks again!! :)


Anonymous said...

omg thanks! i logged into a site for a free dress that looked like a fake site, but i didn't know... now i know how to spot fake sites! thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thx for letting me know. I think I went to this site once; i've changed my password now :D xxx

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

Okay I'll contact you on stardoll but I doubt that you are my friend. I need to talk to you in inbox messages. And your stardoll username is thatgirlsohpy? Right?!

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна

seewu said...

Hello,hackers deleted my account, which was lucky,I contacted my mom and stardoll and got the account. but hackers had bought my 188 sd only pirate patches to me, before I was hacked, I went in to a suite which about what I remembered was called and i logged in,is this suite a hacker suite?!!

thatgirlsophy said...

YES is a hacker site, do not log into it!
At the top it doesnt have the little star by the address bar.

Stardolls Top Designers

Summer-Muffin said...

Help !

I just logged in on it but i loged straight out and i changed my pass will they still hack ?


Anonymous said...

I logged on!!
What will happen??

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