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Sneek Peek: New Dolls

Candies Kohls Collection
Abbey Dawn Collection by KohlsNew dolls coming to stardoll! First one is the Candies Kohls Doll, then Britney promoting Kohls Clothes using the same doll and the Abbey Dawn Collection from Kohls. Almost all the new clothes are super cute so im looking forward to them!


Irina-Delua said...

I'll buy them ALL!!!

Peace.Love.Tanya said...

omg I love the Avril doll!!

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

thatgirlsophy, I don't think the first doll is the Candies Kohls Doll. I think it's the Mudd Kohls Doll! You better check it out and see which is the right now! I'm just helping out! =) Btw thanks for the spoilers! =)

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

Anonymous said...

i think last year's collection was nicer, but i still love this collection

Anonymous said...

i kno.....we can dress themup now......=]

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