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The 15 Best Stardoll Graphics

Stardoll has many great members that are graphic designers and spend a great amount of time creating beautiful dresses, dolls and magazines. So many have attempted it, but only few succeed in achieving such amazing creations. Here are some of the best i have seen, in no particular order. Get inspired!

Stardoll GraphicsTeen Style Magazine

Stardoll GraphicsGlamour Magazine

Stardoll GraphicsStyle Magazine

Stardoll GraphicsDifferent Magazine

Stardoll GraphicsBeauty Magazine

Stardoll GraphicsEternity Magazine

Stardoll GraphicsSprinkle Magazine

Stardoll GraphicsDina Edition

Stardoll GraphicsNicoles Stuff

Stardoll GraphicsJohns Graphics

Stardoll GraphicsLaurens Designs

Stardoll GraphicsMarios Graphics

Stardoll GraphicsRogers Art

Stardoll GraphicsMilenas Designs

Stardoll GraphicsOlivias Graphics

I myself am looking for a graphic designer for this blog. As u can see i feature a designer every month with a "main feature" spread (not a whole magazine) and would like to sweeten up the cover a bit. The graphic designer could even only do one month i just want something different looking and itll basically be like im featuring two designers in a way, i would link to your blog and give you credit of course. If anyone knows someone that is interested please let me know or contact me privately at thatgirlsophy for more details.


Anonymous said...

Rogers Art is the best

Brigitte said...

I love these graphics! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you really have to feature mario 2 times?

Anonymous said...


john2_el_mejor said...

Wow! Thank you so much!
I love all!

Mario said...

Thank you for featuring my magazine and my blog :)

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Amazing! Very high fashion and edgy!
My favorites are:

1) Glamour Magazine's

2) Different Magazine

3) Rogers Art

4) Marios Graphics

5) Milenas Designs (the second blue dress)

Does anyone know what graphic program they use? If so, contact me in my gb, my username is adjaja! TY!

thatgirlsophy said...


most likely its photoshop.

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Okay thanks. I love this blog by the way

Mischha said...

OMG amazing!!! I really really love these! I wonder what your album looks like in Stardoll :)

Anonymous said...

What program are they using? I would love to know! If anyone can tell me my account is pistolsclash on SD

Hello Kitty- Online said...

Hey...Love your website...But I have been wondering for ages and been trying...not succsessful...How do you make dresses, hair etc...Do you need to use a TABLET to make it all? xxx


on stardoll

Anonymous said...

Do u possibly know who did the 7th graphic? I have had alot of mess ups for hours and hours tying to do graphics but it's never really worked out. lol =P

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