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2009 VMA Headlines

The VMAs was very pleasing and shocking this year, of course Lady Gaga took the cake with her crazy, wild, fashion sense walking the red carpet in a black lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress with Dragon print silk underlay from the designer's fall/winter ready to wear collection. To top it off Kermit the frog was her date. I wonder what Ms.Piggy thought of this?LOL.
VMA Lady Gaga
Madonna kicked off the show with and amazing tribute speech to Micheal Jackson reminiscing there past times together.Madonnas Micheal Jackson Tribute Speech
After, Janet's Micheal Jacket Tribute performance began with "Thriller" appearing on the big screen and the group of dancers dressed in MJ outfits and perfectly going along with the music video choreography.The dancer group ended on "Bad" and "Smooth Criminal." I do recall at the end of Smooth Criminal they do the famous MJ leaning move and one guy was like bent over..LOL. It was really funny to me, but Janet changed it up and performed with the music video "Scream," a song her and Micheal had made together. Janet Jackson Tribute Performance
Taylor Swift wins the first award of the night for Best Female Video Award. She is so surprised and excited when Kanye comes up and takes the moment away from her and says Beyonce should of won. She stood quiet and looked like she wanted to cry. I felt so bad for her. Beyonce looked shocked in the camera shot. Personally, i think Kanye was such a jerk for this, not for his personal opinions, but because he had to ruin another persons moment because of his ignorance. You just dont go and ruin an innocent girls moment because of your thoughts. Say what u have to say on your own time. Taylor acts more mature than he does. Im so ashamed to say hes from Chicago.Kanye disses Taylor Swift
LadyGaga's Performance was a killer! Literally LOL. I love how she changes her tunes when she performs them live. She is so talented and can actually sing AND perform. As you can see it ended with her drenched in fake blood and hanging from a wire.Lady Gaga Bloody Performance
Pink was also hanging around in her performance, but at new heights. Her whole performance was done doing acrobatics with a gentlemen. If you can sing and swing around like that, you definitely have talent. She looks so fit too. I was scared for her at moments even though she was harnessed. It was different and pretty awesome.
Pinks Acrobatic Peroformance
Twilight premiered their trailer for "New Moon." I haven't seen the first one(should i be ashamed? lol), but by the previews the second one actually looks a lot better. Ywilight New Moon
Beyonce won Best Video of the Year and being the classy woman that she is told the audience about her first VMA win as a 17-year-old with Destiny's Child and how much it meant to her and brought Taylor Swift back out to finish her speech. Swift began her speech laughing "Maybe we can try this again."Beyonce Lets Taylor Speak
The final performance was by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performing the rapper's ode to the Big Apple, "Empire State of Mind." Everything was ending great till Lil Mama popped up out of nowhere to crash the party..LOL. It was sooo funny she just came up on stage and posed with them at the end as if she just finished doing a dance crew performance..LOL and then she just looks funny standing next to them with her little body and big ole head. I love you Lil Mama, but please stay in your seat. I hope Shane randomly busts her out on the ABDC show for that.

The night ended with the Full Trailer of Micheal Jackson's "This is it", it looks very interesting. I cant wait to see it.
Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

Check out Kanye's Hennessy Talking

2009 MTV Video Music Awards


r1ma said...

A+ review of the show

IDK why Jay Z closed the show...I would've loved to have seen britney do Womanizer

gaga and her dancers with the givenchy and True Blood theme blew me away...


Anonymous said...

GAGA is stunning as always!

Anonymous said...

i think kayne was very rude and immature to do that to taylor swift. taylor is such a nice girl and she is young. this guy is old and stupid because he picked on a young girl. anyways taylor still won and kayne's opinion does not matter :)

Anonymous said...

wht is this doing on this blog, wht is the link with stardoll and same for patrick Swayze. whats the point?

thatgirlsophy said...


VMA talks about fashion and celebrities which is what stardoll IS based on.

and just showing respect for mr.swayze.

there is a life outside of stardoll you know, you should go check it out.

Anonymous said...

yeah... how would you should check it out. It's quite cool, actually. Better than being stuck on your computer 24/7 (not saying the computer stinks but...)

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