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Miss Sixty Shop Released



UPDATE: Stardoll released some more Miss Sixty stuff! A couple tops and the bathing suits are missing still, do you think theyll bring them back? Or were my theories right?LOL

Stardoll finally decided to released the Miss Sixty shop, but... uhem... a little too late dont you think? Plus, all the clothes arent there. Now i have two theories, either the summer season is over
and you pulled all the bathing suit stuff because its out of season OR you removed those clothes all together because of the lesbian kissing bathing suit.
Personally, i think its the 2nd theory and thats why they were removed from starplaza in the first place. Even though that shouldnt be an issue because Im SO sure there are bi's and homo's all over stardoll. but thats a whole other story. Why not just remove the one suit if theyre so weird about it? Why remove the whole collection and give us back this, a half ass shop? wtf stardoll, I want it all!
Ill forgive you stardoll if you give us an awesome, I mean AWESOME, Miss Sixty Fall Collection...LOL!


Constantina said...

I personally think the Miss Sixty clothes are too expensive.

Bianca said...

guys, now the shop has a bit more clothes than before... go there and check out

moko said...

its to expencive :(

Svartlava said...

Maybe there will be another "floor" later...?

Lie2AMOUR said...

I want that bathing suit with the faces on it soo sooo bad!

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