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Moxie Girlz Stardesign

UPDATE: It has been removed! Boo stardoll! I dont think anyones missing out though you cant design solid colors, so whats the point. Netherlands region still have access to this.

Stardoll is introducing a new feature to the stardesign section, Moxie Girlz Fashion Design! Its very exciting for people who love to design. The Moxie Girlz promotion page is currently only for Netherlands, but i think this feature is world access because i can use it and im from U.S. Plus, its for non-superstar, how bout that?...stardoll can be nice i guess. At the moment though the only material available is sheer, nylon, see through, whatever you want to call it so i dont think theyre done yet. If so, that would be a bummer. How about wearing some nylon boots?LOL. No, that wouldnt work at all.


Anonymous said...

i can't acces the moxie designs. I tried with a proxy but it doesn't work either. and I don't have a manual proxy. please, anybody?

Anonymous said...

but what about girls from another countries ?? You can only use it from US

andreia.paxtana said...

hi! can u give me a US proxy?? in my country I can't see this stuff. my medoll is alien_me_crazy

Anonymous said...

i couldn't find it yesterday =.=

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