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Styled Outfits: David Bowie & Balmain

Balmain Dress - David Bowie DollOmg did anyone notice the David Bowie Doll on the "space oddity" styled outfits?! So freakin exciting! Ive been requesting him for like 3 weeks now and here he is..LOL. I just hope thay actually make him into a real doll. Even more so, that Balmain Dress next to him is gawgeous!
For Stardolls oddities, they truely surprise me sometimes.

David BowieFor those of you who strangely dont know who David Bowie is here is his most common picture.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! that balmain i remember stardoll uses many time dresses from Balmain for their LE maybe the new LE collection coming?

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