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Amy Diamond Club Free Things

Amy Diamond Club popped up for US members (im from US) not sure if its available in other regions yet. You may need a (US) proxy. You get a Free Amy Diamond CD and a Chair!

Join Amy Diamond Club


VShila said...

that is polish club

Anonymous said...

tanks and its no for usa only.

bubblegum said...

cool. but you still need the code to get the clothes..

nidz100 (grace) said...

This is available for UK.
AND usa.
And poland i think?

Sarah said...

This still works ;) Or at least it did for me :)

Anonymous said...

it works for me n I'm in Canada

Anonymous said...

It does work and me and my cuzin knew about it before any blogspot u guys are phonies because u say everything is unavailable when its available (no offence)but ur liers

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