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Fierce Magazine Released

Fierce Magazine, created by Alice, has released the October / November 2009 issue. I have to say its pretty awesome and different, which is a good thing because tons of magazines are popping up and its not a good thing to look like the rest. The graphics are stunning, but i would of definitely loved to see more. According to The Stardoll Freakshow Blog there is a second part that still needs to be released so im looking forward to seeing it!
Tyler also compared Fierce Mag to Style Mag saying "Fierce Magazine is BETTER then Style Magazine!" I think that statement is only a matter of personal preference. In my opinion, the magazines cant be compared. They are totally different styles. Both graphic skills are definitely up to par, but the creativity department is just different. Maybe when Fierce Mag has settled in with a few issues we can compare, but only time will tell.
Check out: Fierce Magazine


lili3y said...

I love her make-up :)

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