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Free Eye Pet Monkey


People from UK dont need a web proxy
Go to:
Enter in url:
Visit this page once a week and get clothes for your cute monkey!
from:stardoll insiders


Anonymous said...

Soo cute monkey. I like The Monkey EyePet Clothes.

HarajukuGirlPL said...

monkey is in cinema

Gabyzoka said...

Hi! Can u tell me what's the name of that song that's playing here (Lovers, or something). I'm just so addicted to it and I can't find it in internet XD
Also, I wanted to ask if u know if there's a problem going on in Stardoll, 'cuz girls aren't receibveing their dayly stardollars o.O Me and a friend have noticed that.
Sorry about my english, i'm brazilian and I'm not a mester in english :P
That's my fave blog of all! ;D
Anyway, visit my blog if u have time(it isn't as good as this one, of course :P)

fashionchicca said...

uhh is there something wrong with daveproxy for others too?

Anonymous said...

abyzoka hey stopped giving people 1sd aday now sry

Marni and Sha said...

yeah i cant get it

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