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Free TinkerBell Items


Go to stardoll cinema: 
watch the Tinker Bell movie and get Free TinkerBell wings and a TV.
If your not from US than use these proxy sites and then go to stardoll cinema and login:
  • (US)
  • (US) 

Also go to:
It takes you to a dress up contest and you could win 100 Stardollars free! Plus you get free tinker bell clothes!
Thanks Michellep78


Anonymous said...

which is the link to enter

Anonymous said...

wondering if it's safe to log in to this site? it has commercials up there when i use the proxy site. And doesn't have the star as reall stardoll has!

thatgirlsophy said...

yes theyre safe proxy sites, just close ALL the ads.
I wouldnt post something i havnt tried myself ;)

Anonymous said...

where do u enter?

Anonymous said... isnt safe.ive got norton anti virus and wheneva i go on it it tells me it has 1 computa virus on it.ITS NOT SAFE!

Anonymous said...

It still worked for me but i got my tink clothes a day later after i went to the tink cinema link! :) if you dont believe me go to my suite pinkicefairy I made my acount about 2 weeks ago i think but it still works i think for some people

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