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Join the new Barbie Club in the Netherlands and get a few free items, but not right away because you have to get approved first. Also, stop at the Stardoll Cinema and watch the trailer to get a Free Barbie tee and a Free doll.

Clear History, Cache or Private Data first
Use Manual Proxy: Port:80

Go to:

If you dont know how to use manual proxy, you can still get the cinema items, but not join the club.
Just use and type in and go to the cinema from there.

From Underneath Stardoll


Silvia (smiliuxxx) said...

This proxy don't worrrrkkkkk!

Anonymous said...

it didnt wrk 4 me :-(( First comment!!! yay!! go 2 my suite im xxdogluverxx

peace_oglory said...

I tryed it, but I didn't see a "join" button anywhere :-/

Anonymous said...

yes it worked, i cleared by cache/history and yes you do get the items as soon as u join. visit my suite and you'll see


Anonymous said...

it didn't work for me either!

Anonymous said... work for me...THNX.
If the page doesn`t load right...
refresh the page without proxy..!

Anonymous said...

this is soooo cool! i got the pillows, a doll, the wig and a t-shirt!!! they are all so amazing!

it's really strange cuz this is the first time manual proxies work for me. im amazed:D

thank you very much... this is the best blog evr!


Suzanne said...

I live in the Netherlands =D
but i didn't get a doll? :S

Emma said...

how do you do it on a mac computer? i really want the wig but it doesnt work...

Anonymous said...

i reallyy want the wig but ive tried EVERYTHING! but its no use =[
it keeps saying Error of stardoll
or forbidden :/
what should i do?

LADYmiauuu said...

It doesn't work .. :(
Anybody sell the wig ??
Write in LADYmiauu 's guestbook !!
I give you 60 sd for it !!

Anonymous said...

How can you download proxy? Because that one page doesn't work :( I really want the wig

Anonymous said...

When i tried to join the club it says this club is no0t available!! HELP ME PLZ!!

stardoll-Fashion said...

:(((( it didnt work

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work!!! plzz help me i want the wig!! thank u!

just me said...

it doesnt work the proxy i tried ita loot it never works plz any one tell me how to do it exactly iam sharpay_979

msblueberries said...

i checked the proxy box, i added the Port:80, i cleared the history and cache! but it's still not working! it shows that the club is not available!

could anyone help ?


grace said...

what is proxy???

Anonymous said...

Jeez nothing works anymore.... =/

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