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Free Pink Hair Dye


Stardoll added a contest promotion for the new game Girls Life Makeover for Nintendo DS.
In the contest you pick out makeup for Ashley Tisdale and submit it. After submiting you add some info. Then you will receive a Free Pink Hair Dye from Doree in your medoll editor.


If you cant see the contest in Stardoll Magazine then use a US web proxy. Then copy the link in the url spot.
  • (US)
  • (US)


Anonymous said...

thanks so much it worked-macky_green

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Question: Can you only use the hair dye once? Like, after you use it, does it disappear from your Styling Studio?

Anonymous said...

myproxy won't load the makeover. do you know a manual proxy that works for this? can you please write it in my guestbook my username is rihanna_006_009

jiachyi said...

thank u^^

but it can also work without proxy...:)

Clara said...

i have no idea how to use this proxy crap i dont even know how to get to it!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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