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Free Pink Laptop


Now you can join club HyvesFanclub and receive a new laptop! This club is for Dutch members only so some of you will need a manual proxy to join. Unfortunately you cant join clubs on stardoll with web proxys.
Make sure to clear your cache, history or private data first or it may not work.

Dutch proxies:  port 80  port 80  port 80  port 80 ( i used this one, it works fast)

Paste in search bar:

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Anonymous said...

Ít's not "Netherland members"
or "netherland proxy"

Dutch Members
Dutch Proxy
Dutch is the language
Dutch people are the inhabitants ^.~

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work ;(

thatgirlsophy said...

ah i see, i will change it to Dutch.

Anonymous said...

I ued the proxy and that worked ye need to wait for the club to except you?

gabs said...

thanx =]

Anonymous said...

hey u stardoll bloggers !

You may have heard about the Stardoll Strike.
We will not sign in all day on the first of December 2009.
Please put this in your diary, or somewhere you'll remember, and pass this on!
Put it in your presentation, blog, other people's guest books, discussions on clubs,
scenery comments, anything! But please help. All you have to do is not log in for one
day, and we'll see where that takes us! Please help. If everyone does, Stardoll might
give us our one stardollar a day again. Thanks!

mr.wannabecool said...

didnt work for me .. he said club not available

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