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Moodie Wear Stardesign

UPDATE: new proxy for UK moodie wear! Clear history, cache or private data first!
UK proxy: port 8080
thanks esther001

Remember the strange red spoilers from the Stardesign Clothes post? Well, turns out i was totally correct about where they were going to end up, which is in stardesign. Although, they arent in the stardesign for everyone, but for members in the UK. Its a part the the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) campaign called Moodie Wear where you can express moods by designing how you feel that day and possibly win stardollars from your design.

Another great thing about it is theyre for non-superstars as well and are able to be sold in starbazaar. So, of course, im selling some now...LOL.

You can get there by clicking on the green phone you magically received in your suites. People who arent in the UK will need a manual proxy to access the stardesign section.

Clear history, cache or private data first!
UK Proxy: port 443

Type in address bar:

Thanks: Melody1970


Elis said...
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Elis said...
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Moda i Szyk said...

It doesn't works

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work when i click on the green phone , i just return to the main/start page :(

Anonymous said...

cool :)

Madlenne_xD said...

I don't know if you noticed but Starplaza Sale has just begun!

Madlenne_xD said...

OMG! Also Miss Sixty S/S for sale!

thatgirlsophy said...

In order to see the page you need to use the UK manual proxy number provided.

heidz86 said...

Thanks for the proxy. I was able to use it by clearing my cache/ history like you said. Then I experimented by removing the proxy once it had part loaded and it worked super-fast and allowed me to do it more easier. I was only able to do it once though. I may try again to make another design.

If you are interested in seeing my designs on the Moodie Wear please come and take a look and tell me what you think. They are turquoise/ aqua with a pretty Boho/ floral/ geometrical pattern.

Anonymous said...

i'm from the uk and i designed a jumper yesterday but it never appeared in my suite

Lilah said...

Yay!! :D it works
but i had to try like 5 times
also i noticed that you should log off stardoll when your not using the proxy; then use proxy and then copy/paste adress
and THEN log-in at the last moment :D

Anonymous said...

Do Polaków (for Polish): zmieńcie kraj na Wielką Brytanie, wyczyście historię, zmieńcie proxy, zalogujcie się, wejdźcie do Design, po środku będzie odblokowany sklep, klikacie na niego, zróbcie projekty i gotowe! :) Potem tylko kupujcie.. ;D Ja już mam ;]

Anonymous said...

i just can vote where i can design?????

Lilah said...

it is much easier in Europe to use a proxy like
it's the only thing that works eve if i clear everything
i'm sad the dresses are gone..they were gawgeous :D

Anonymous said...

nice chlotnes

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