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Louis Vuitton Shop Theory

This Louis Vuitton Shop for Spring 09 Collection image has been showing up all over blogs everywhere. First place i saw it was on Stardoll Prefects, claiming that there friend Riera found it on a photobucket account. I check out the account and its posted under a someone called "babydoll12star." I dont think there is anyone by that name on stardoll though.
Club Free Stuff thought it was a spoiler for a new shop coming up, but i knew that wasnt true because i know the spoiler for the shops and it wasnt in there. Plus, none of the clothes are in the clothes spoiler either. Also, there are no prices in the spoilers. Underneath stardoll made this conclusion as well, but they also think its a fake. They conclude the shop was hand drawn and totally created for shits and giggles (hoax) by someone or a stardoll member.
Personally, i dont believe this theory at all. It looks too real, plus you can see the broadcast. Things like this take tons of time. I think these items may have been released in Chinese Stardoll long ago. Do you remember when they had Louis Vuitton Bags in there starplaza for 150sd, but not on the regular one? We were never shown the actual shop. Another theory can be the shop was only released in a certain country, similar to the St Trinian's 2 shop (only released in UK) and was pulled because of copyright issues.
What do you think happened?


almondcake said...

I think that it will be for everyone but with cosmic prices...

Catarina said...

I don't think it was realesed on chinise stardoll cause the broadcast is in english This is not a spoiler because they don't have prices on could this be like miss sixty ? well may be i don't know this is not hand drawed

Mushkaa said...

It looks a bit fake for me. but lets wait and see :)

Anonymous said...

They said it isn't true xD
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thatgirlsophy said...

does anyone know who took the pic of the shop?

Bella said...

i think it's drawn by hand, too... but, i hope this is true! :D

littlemssvixen said...

I think they were going to put it in shop, but they couldn't because off copyright or something :S

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iiiccchhhaaa said...

ehmagawd!!!! *drolls*
need more than 750 sd to get them all.


**i want!
i want!**

anyway, merry christmas and happy holiday!!! xoxo

Marie said...

There is a lot of English speaking people on, I'm not sure if you can broadcast in English, but it's a possibility. So I wouldn't rule out this being on Chinese Stardoll.

thatgirlsophy said...

i just wonder who owns that photobucket account because they obviously got the pic from somewhere, but i just dont know where.

its a mystery haha

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