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D Magazine Release

Different Magazine was released today (which is now D Magazine) and OMG its stunning! I love the cover, its perfect. Magazine Covers are a big deal to me because its the first thing you see and its suppose to catch your eye to make you interested in the rest. So of course i kept on looking throughout the mag and all the graphics are stunning. My favorite part is the Louboutin Section..haha. I love, then again, i am a shoe person. I posted one pic from that section. So go check it out because its awesome!

D Magazine Winter Issue


Lucie said...

hi! i love all of those magazines and i was wondering what type of editing programm you need to make that kind of design . I would like to give it a try ^^
i love your blog ;) continue like this !

CiaraLynn said...

wow, amazing graphics and good articles

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can I please ask a question: Who are these magazines by? Is it by stardoll I'm really confused by these magazines and are they all drawn by someone because it looks really cool!!

Thanks :)

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