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Sneek Peek: Moodie Wear Shop

UPDATE: to get the items just click the link Get Moodie Wear 
you can also get them by using the search button in starplaza.

Moodie Wear Shop will be opening up in starplaza. Im not sure if itll be for everyone since the contest was originally held in the UK (Great Britain). Does anyone know what the winners actually won? Also, will you be buying any of these items?


Anonymous said...

I love the dress with all the smileys :D

laryssa.siatti said...

i don't like the clouthes. But I luv the shoes *--*

GaGaOfStardoll said...

I had a message saying that i won but my design's are not there :(
and the rest was blank maybe they changed their mine last minuite :'(

Stardoll is so unfair


Anonymous said...

I like the striped dress. Like, the one that's "wearing" the blue sweater.

emily_gurl7778 said...

I like the sweater with the green smiley face on it and the dress with lots of smiley's. :)

Anonymous said...

how do you know this all
cause i have a site to (in dutch)
and i wanna know so i can put it on my site too

xx MartJuH

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