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Club Harajuku: Free Bathing Suit


UPDATE: New Proxy port 8080
thanks melody1970

New club out in the UK(Great Britain) called Harajuku.You get a free beach umbrella when you join and click on the TV to get the free bathing suit for the week. There will be 5  bathing suits total, i believe, each representing the Harajuku Lovers perfume bottles. Unfortunately, if you dont live in that region you need to use a manual proxy to join.

 or click the link to just get the bathing suit and go back to your suite.
Just get free bathing suit

Use UK proxy: port 80 port 80 port 8080 port 8080 port 8085

Dont know how to use manual proxy? Learn Here.

Thanks Melody1970


Anonymous said...

new proxy: port 8080


Anonymous said...

When is the next bathing suit going to be available?

Anonymous said...

there is easier way to get the bathing suit (no proxy) go to then it will go to the site and wait till it loads ,then wait for 3-5 mins and then go to ur suite will be there !!!

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