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Free ANTM Cardigan: week 5


Next ANTM gift is out for week 5. Its a blue Cardigan. If you want it you have to use a UK manual proxy. So try these out and make sure you clear your history and log out of stardoll or it wont work.

then put these in and log back into stardoll: port 8080 (this one worked for me) port 80 port 3128 or port 3128

use this link:

Thanks Melody1970


Anonymous said...

Has anyone else had a problem with getting the wonder girls every time instead of ANTM? Please help!

_inda_ said...

i love this one!! tks

Anonymous said...

I went to
and typed in the Stardoll URL and I still got it.

bouny3000 said...

Okay i have found a way that works most of the time. ALL of the proxies weren't working for me , i would get a blank page or ERROR thingy
so what you do is :
- you log in stardoll
- you open another internet page , you go in the manual proxy thingy and type the code of the proxy (the one you get a blank page with) and you paste the adress of the cinema thatgirlsophy gave
- you get a blank page
- you go back on the first internet page you went , when you logged in and you go to the cinema and you will see the video :) Hope i helped

bouny3000 said...

oops i forgot something ! you have to "take the proxy off" before going back to the first page ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks bouny3000! That one worked for me. The porxys were not working at all! Check out my doll: pandalover10

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