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Free ANTM Dress: week 4


New ANTM (Americas Next Top Model) dress for this week. The dress is pretty plain, but im sure many people would still want it, including myself lol. You need to use manual proxy to get the dress because you need to watch the whole movie or skip through it like me haha. If you dont know what manual proxy is, click the link: How to use Manual Proxy

All others:
1. Use this proxy: port 8080 (may be slow for some)
2. Clear all history and cache! A must or it wont work.
3 .copy and paste this into your browser:

Thanks Melody1970 for the proxy


Avril14140 said...

I don`t know,
I don`t like that dress so much,,
so I don`t wanna wait almost hour to get it!

Anonymous said...

how do you clear all history and cache?

thatgirlsophy said...


go to Tools > clear history

Anonymous said...

idk why its not working for me.. :P

Anonymous said...

i live in the netherlands will i be able to get this dress? the proxy didnt work for i cant get it, can pls help me with this?


Anonymous said...

the proxy doznt work 4 me can ther b another proxy tht we can use

Anonymous said...

Proxy NO work can we get another proxy?

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