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Free ANTM Jumpsuit: week 6


UPDATE: New Proxy port 8080

Next ANTM free Gift for week 6 is a black jumpsuit. Use manual proxy and watch the full video to get it in your suite. Also, a bonus when you log in with a UK proxy you get a free iphone with Facebook on it.


(clear history and cache first, then change proxy and log in)
Use UK proxy: port 8080 (worked for me) port 8080 port 8085 port 80

Thanks Melody1970 for proxys
image from stardollinsiders


Anonymous said...

i couldnt get it can you help me?

Anonymous said...

what do you do when it says that you must have flashplayer 9? I downloaded flashplayer 10 which is current, but it still won't play the movie. Suggestions?

Anonymous said...

none worked .....
have u another proxy ?

natalie said...

Same here! None worked, actually there was never a proxy working you posted here...!

xxx Ashley xxx said...

None worked... i got some random things showing up on my screen like 'Network Error' & stuff... do you have any others??

please help me coz tomorrows tuesday and i will miss it... Thanks

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