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Free Gold Voile Belt


UPDATE: Search stardoll girls now and its on pg 5 now. make sure it says 1sd

Search Voile and on page 6 you’ll find a gold belt. It says 1sd and if you buy it you’ll loose 1sd… BUT if you go to your suite you’ll have your stardollar back and it will say 0sd on the tag!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there's another item thats free, its the estonian flag.

Anonymous said...

It's true! Thankss :)

Anonymous said...

dont work! *angry*

Anonymous said...

They changed it now! :S now it's the one in Stardoll girls that is free!! Not the one in Voile!
Just pick the belt that is 1sd, not the one that is 2sd!

thatgirlsophy said...


k thanks!

Anonymous said...

i got both of the belts!

Anonymous said...

it is not working :O

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