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LE Dress Offer - 3

Stardoll has offered yet another Limited Edition Item to non-Superstars to become SS. I saw this dress in the spoilers and thought it was gorgeous and was totally waiting for it to come out. I suspiciously knew it was an LE piece, but doubted it because there weren't tons of other nice items. You can usually tell when an LE store is coming out in the spoilers. Anyways, some lucky people get to enjoy this beautiful dress.

image from Stardolls most wanted


Anonymous said...

Servati is safe she done it for me
if you dont trust her make another account and sell them to you ;)

Avril14140 said...

You can get it if you ask Servati!

littlemssvixen said...

It's so unfair that some people get to purchase this dress and others don't even have the chance to... :S It's such a beautiful dress! I wish I got the email... :)

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