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LE Dress Offer - 5 & 6

UPDATE: Get the lastest LE Dress offer #6. All you have to do is go to your inbox, paste this in the address bar: javascript: Msg.buyItem (23777) , then hit enter. You must be SS and have 125sd.

image from seen on stardoll

The Next LE Offer is available its the two toned draped dress for 100sd. Only a selected amount of members received this offer, but others may get it as well if you do this first! (i read on stardolls most wanted)

HERE is how to get it...follow the steps:
1. Go to Stardoll and go to your INBOX(nowhere else will this work)
2. now the URL of your browser copy and paste this: javascript:Msg.buyItem(23776)
    and hit enter
3. Don't be afraid if your money says NaN after this....that means you bought it....refresh and go to see your    LE top in front of your wardrobe!!
Requirements:To be a Superstar and have 100 stardollars

image from underneath stardoll

To Get other items just plug in these numbers:
23584 – white dress (175 sd)
23602 – black dress (150 sd)
23585 – bag (55 sd)
23775 - bustier (65sd)
image from stardoll insiders


Anonymous said...

Wow, Thanks so much for the link!
I thought these would be included in a LE store. :P

Princess_oo7 said...

OMG! That's awesome, but it didn't work gor me.. :(

missfashion1311 said...

i want them but it didnt work 4 me:(
what is ur user name on sd so i can add u

Anonymous said...

It didnt work for me, whats the exact adredd???

Anonymous said...

It wont work for me, whats the exact web adress for the yellow and black dress, Ps I am all the requirments ;p

thatgirlsophy said...

MAke sure your in your inbox!!!!
then paste the "javascript link" in the address bar, your stardollars should say NAN if you bought it. Then hit refresh.

If it doesnt work then that means theyre all sold out, it is Limited Edition. So first come first served.

Anonymous said...

is anyone selling the black and yellow dress, Ill pay top price!

mackenzie said...

I bought the yellow/black dress but now have 0sd :).

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