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Real 2 Stardesign: Gucci

Hey yall! I just made a new design! Well its not new in fashion, but its new to my stardesign collection. Its also a request from Gweneee, a cool friend who totally collected my whole moodie wear designer collection. Anyways, its the original Gucci pattern, simple,  hope you like it!


jiachyi said...

i like it^^

iiiccchhhaaa said...

supercute stardesign.
how about the price?

Avril14140 said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

jestem pati22157 i GUCCI i taka jedna chce go kupic za 3 sd dac tyle czy drozej a może ktoś z was go chce??

Anonymous said...

you should do a houndstooth design- itll be easy and super cute and classy.

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