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Free ANTM Dress: week 10


The Free ANTM gift is out today. Its a Rainbow dress! Must use a UK manual proxy to get the dress. Its actually very similar to the Spring LE Dress.

be patient with the proxy address.
(Clear cache and history and log out of stardoll first)
Change to UK Proxy: port 80
log in

other proxies that may work: port 80 port: 9090
from stardoll insiders

image from stardoll insiders


Anonymous said...

aaaa didnt work 4 me soz rosycheeks_5

Anonymous said...

Any more proxies? Cuz these just didn't let me log in! The first one rejected logging in and the other was loading for 30 mins and still didn't work!

Anonymous said...

Hey use it works :) worked for me and i live in australia

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