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Free Body by Milk Bag


UPDATE: you cant use web proxy unfortunately you need to use manual proxy and watch the whole move, or skip through i found a proxy through stardoll insiders. port 3124

UPDATE: if your from US all you have to do is go to the stardoll cinema and skip through the video and you'll get the bag. It'll be in a shopping bag in your suite.
just go here:

Get a free body by milk bag when you watch the trailer in stardoll cinema. It may be for USA only.
Thanks to Melody1970.

If your not from US Try:

Type link:
log in.


shahi belle said...

that didn't work !!
i logged in, but it didn't give me anything !!!

brendasweet90 said...

i cant get it... y?

Anonymous said...

For me, it didn't work at,
but then it worked for

And thanks btw.

Clara said...

It is for U.S all you have to do is watch a video and you get the gift in your suite.

Anonymous said...

please it's not working my user name on stardoll is I-love-all help me

thatgirlsophy said...

i apologize, you guys need to use manual proxy, not a webproxy, to get the bag please read the update.

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