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Free Hannah Montana Items

UPDATE: Get the free Hannah Montana items in the UK!
1. Use:
2. Go to:
3. Log in
4. Click "contest and gifts"
5. log out and go to your suite on regular stardoll.

from stardolls most wanted

Noticed these items in the spoilers today. Most likey there will be a club or some kind of promotion campaign for the Hannah Montana Stuff. Also, Im pretty sure the shirt will be free. So keep a look out for these items, it MIGHT be only in a certain country, but im not sure yet.


Anonymous said...

rli! kl but i hate hannah montanna/miley cyrus i mean cum on y would such a kl fing like stardoll ave a HANNAH MONTONNA CLUB!

thatgirlsophy said... not a big fan of HM either, but i dont control stardoll and i love free things.

Brenda said...

Quite nice stuff anyway.I don't like Hannah Montana,but I think it can be connected with the last HM contest on DisneyChannel.

Anonymous said...

It's a contest. I have the t-shirt. I found it on another blog.
I don't remember which blog it was, sorry.

maja said...

I cant find it, please help me

Anonymous said...

It does still work, it is in the stardoll insiders.

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