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Spring LE

UPDATE2: Keep a look out people for the NEW LE release, check before you go to school, it MIGHT release as early as 9-10est. 

UPDATE: Its definitely releasing monday @ 11am est. I would be very surprise if it doesn't.

Stardoll is deciding to release a FULL Limited Edition Shop. There are going to be tons of items to choose from, im sure everyone is going to be broke if they dont buy wisely. Some items are totally not worth buying because they look like regular shop items or they look like last LE Collection, but some items are super hot. Its all depends on your taste and style. Not sure if itll release tomorrow or monday, but LE usually releases on a weekday. Did you save for LE? or Did it catch you by surprise?

images from stardoll juice blog


FashionliciousGirl said...

ı dont like it actually (excluding chanel and fendi bag)

Kerry. said...

I love the new LE! I don't have much saved- only 108, which I bought today. But still, should get me something! :] The shop says 'Closed for renovating' or something, so hopefully it'll come out today!

Avril14140 said...

I`m not ready for LE.

Anonymous said...

I think previous collections were much better than this. These clothes look like ordinary things from starplaza, they're not worth high prices.

Princess_oo7 said...

Thanks for posting the pictures so we can choose what we want. :)

Kisses, Princess_oo7

P.S. This blog is awesome!! ^^

Abigail ♡ said...

I'm soo excited for this! Hopefully, I'll have enough money to buy the items I wanna buy!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's so stupid!
I'm in school at 11 am, that's not fair!! :((

Anonymous said...

i hope i Theres something cute for 68 stardollars ;D

iswim19 said...

I have my eye on several items, and if I'm lucky, I might be able to have all of the LE I want.

But are you sure 11 A.M. EST? I live in New York, and usually stardoll releases the new LE or new items at 7 P.M. the night before... I don't know. Definitely keeping my eye open.

loveylovelove23 said...

I really dont think its fair of when sardoll releases things, like LE a good half of kids will be in scholl. Along with me :(

Anonymous said...

How You Know It Comes Out At 11

Anonymous said...

i dont have anything from LE buT I HOPE TODAY I WILL GET SOMETHING !

faux.fuchsia said...

I'm such an idiot. As soon as I found out i rushed out and bought 600 stardollars ;)

Though i am not a huge fan of this collection. Many pieces look tacky for the prices they will be sold at.
But there are a few treasures here I will be after: Chanel Bow Bag, Fendi Skirt, Fendi Bag that beautiful coat.

GaGaOfStardoll said...

It Usally comes Out 5pm UK TIME :)


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