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Antidote Release

As you all know many stardoll members are horrified of the new Antidote Collection. Maybe if we saw the inspiration behind it we wouldnt be as scared to purchase a few items, but i depend on seen on stardoll for that...ha.
I did find a few emeralds in the rubble though, not sure if you would agree, but i think they're pretty nice.


Avril14140 said...

Actually,I bought a lot of items!
Even,I thought when I saw it in spoilers I won`t like it so much,I bought a lot.xD

Bryonie said...

I like the new collection. It cleared me out of 463 Stardollars.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. These are the best outfits. =)

Anonymous said...

DiD u know there are still itams up 4 sale I bought the logo crop tee, 2 cloud hanngers(ther are 3 diferent 1's) Love shape crop tee(ther are loads LEFT!) and 3 pairs of shose!
IT's so cool! And on the candy wing tip shose there are more than half left!!!!!) SO IF YOU WASNT ANTIDOTE UNDER %) stardollas buy quick!

Anonymous said...

I liked ALL of them, but when I got to be superstar, it wasn't available to buy :/

Can someone sell me some on starbazaar? :3

@AmyAllen on stardoll.

I would be thankful, really :D

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